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    The workshop's primary aim is to prepare North African and Arabic Met Services for receiving and managing EUMETCast Satellite and Terrestrial Data, along with basic handling of MTG-I data. The first part of the workshop focuses on different components involved in the service, such as satellites, transponders, antenna types, LNB devices, receivers, and data volumes. Additionally, it covers the usage of EUMETCast terrestrial and the challenges each country faces in preparing for the next generation of satellites. The second part deals with visualization and processing aspects of MTG-I FCI Level 1 and LI Level 2 data, including data rates and volumes, data format and compression schema, and open-source software options for data processing and visualization, such as pytroll/satpy and Jupyter notebooks.

  • Day 1 - EUMETCast Data Access

  • Day 2 - MTG-I Data Handling

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